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We Sell Time... and Results!

Are you busy?

Certainly! That's why we take care of producing your sales literature while you take care of your business. Of course, we work closely with you from beginning to end, but once you approve your format and select the products you want to feature, you only need to proofread and approve layouts as your publication takes shape. It's all done by phone, fax and FedEx. You never have to leave your office or spend more than a few minutes at a time.

Publications that work!

You're after positive results, and so are we. The most beautifully done publication is only so much ink and paper if it is improperly targeted or poorly distributed. That's why we always discuss your sales and marketing strategy, literature distribution and other ingredients essential to a successful project. We'll gladly provide you with the names of our other customers... they'll tell you about the profitable results Industrial Images publications and programs have produced.

Details... Details... Details


First, we work with you in determining the general format of your publication: Size, product lines in their order of appearance, colors, logo, phone numbers, addresses... all pertinent information you want to include.


No more "cutting & pasting" and trying to get your message across to someone at the local printer. We're experienced at compiling and condensing important features, benefits and specifications of the products you feature.


We have an extensive file of manufacturers' artwork ready to go. If we need additional materials, we contact the manufacturer directly.


We make sure you receive a quality, finished product... one you'll be proud to give to your customers.

$$$ Out

Of course, you'll know what your project will cost up front. Because we specialize in limited markets, we're able to standardize our prices and still give you a highly customized product.

$$$ In

The "icing on the cake." We want you to recover as much of your investment as possible. That's why we take care of the research and paperwork involved in filing co-op ad claims with your manufacturers.

Let's Talk Marketing...

To learn more about how Industrial Images can help your company, contact us today!

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